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About Zeh School


The Marion E. Zeh Elementary School community believes that every child can learn. Learning is a lifelong process taking place both in and out of school. A learning team, consisting of students, family, and staff, guides this process. Only through teamwork can the education of the whole child take place. Each member of the team is equally important, and it is his or her responsibility to ensure this education and prepare students for their roles in the school community, the Northborough community, and the world.

Mission Statement

The Marion E. Zeh Elementary School – inspiring a love of learning and fostering community spirit.

Core Values

At Zeh School we value:

Respect - caring for ourselves, others, our materials, school, and the world

Responsibility - taking ownership of actions, helping ourselves and others

Honesty - telling the truth, treating others the way we want to be treated

Clear Communication - speaking, writing, and performing ideas clearly

Doing our personal best - working hard, using our best effort

Learning - building skills and knowledge by studying and experiencing

Each child is unique, just as each zebra’s stripes are unique. This poem explains what we believe.

A zebra without stripes 
Looks something like a horse. 
Zebras really need their stripes 
To set them on their course.

The stripes are not a label, 
Just a piece of who we are. 
The stripes we earn in life 
Will help us to get far.

To get these special stripes, 
We have to do our best. 
And when it comes to learning, 
We should put ourselves to the test.

We have to use our talents, 
And improve those that aren't so good. 
But when it comes to getting stripes, 
We have to think we could.
Our stripes could be a work of art, 
Or helping hands we earn. So let’s all get together 
At Zeh we will learn!